Tuesday, December 30, 2014

YOR Health Introduces YOR Office for Android

YOR Health
Where do YOR Health Promoters turn when it’s time for serious productivity on an Android device? They turn to their new favorite app - YOR Office. That’s right! YOR Office boasts powerful features to help propel YOR Health Promoters on a pathway to success.

Android users worldwide can now experience productivity on–the-go in the palm of their hand. With options ranging from quick visibility of statistics, progress and achievements, commission earnings, quick view of team member performance, event and schedule notifications before they happen, and guidance on what to do next, this new user-friendly YOR Office App is your business concierge, handling all YOR Health opportunities anywhere, any time. Other special features include access to dashboard, profiles, enrollment, reports, YOR Health news, YOR Health in-store items, AutoShip and order tracking.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Dennis Wong of YOR Health Announces 2014 YOR Health Annual Conference Winners

Dennis Wong YOR Health
To the delight of thousands of excited fans, the YOR Health Champions of 2014 have been announced, says Dennis Wong of YOR Health. These competitive and motivated participants have now become a source of inspiration for their community.

At the 2014 YOR Health Annual Conference, Dennis Wong and YOR Health offered attendees the opportunity to enjoy relaxing activities such as water sports, spa services, golf and tennis. Featuring first-class food and entertainment set in the city of Miami, Florida, all members of the YOR Health community appreciated the opportunity to wine and dine among like-minded individuals striving for greater awareness and purpose in life.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

YOR Health Products: High-Potency Probiotics

YOR Health Products
YOR Health products are tried, true, tested, and backed by years of scientific research. YOR Probiotics Ultra is revolutionizing the future of supplemental probiotics by introducing Howaru®, a clinically proven highly effective strain. This new formulation has been packaged in vegetable-based capsules called DRcaps TM.

40 billion strong

In an extensive double-blind study, YOR Health products featuring Howaru were found to improve many common digestive issues and promote regularity. Howaru ® B. lactis HN019 works alongside of nine additional probiotic strains to provide over 40 billion healthy bacteria with each dose.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

YORHealth Charts Life Course of Robert Hendricks

Each passing year has delivered more blessings into the life of Robert Hendricks. Most of Robert’s positive outlook can be directly attributed to his involvement with YORHealth. Without solid mentorship, Robert says he would not have evolved from a frustrated, impatient and confused boy into a responsible and successful young man. Today, he stands among the leaders at YORHealth as a powerful example of taking control of one’s life and achieving tremendous results.

Robert looks forward to leaving a legacy as part of his commitment to YORHealth. By developing a keen sense of self-awareness, he has positioned himself as a leader in his family and community. YORHealth has offered him the opportunity to develop lasting friendships while seeking greater achievement and happiness in all areas of life.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Meet the Faces of YOR Health: Ben “Abstacker” Handsaker

YOR Health
Ben Handsaker, who is affectionately known as “Abstacker,” is an Australian fitness model. He received this descriptive moniker for his unusually sculpted physique. He is the 2013 Asia Pacific Championship Overall Winner.

Q: What are some of Ben Handsaker’s notable competitions?

YOR Health: Ben has competed in countless fitness modeling competitions on an international level. In addition to being named overall winner of the 2013 Asia-Pacific championship, Ben was also noted as the overall men’s champion and earned the coveted title of ANB Fitness model. He placed well in the 2013 Fitness America Competition in Las Vegas.

Q: How will Ben help raise awareness about YOR Health products in Australia?

YOR Health: Ben’s very public involvement with YOR Health has paved the way for more Australians to discover the products and all of the benefits they offer. Although Ben was already considered a prime example of what health and fitness should look like, he is often heard telling people that he feels that he is now in the best shape of his life.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

YORHealth Takes Pablo Salas to Places He’s Never Been

Coming from a middle-class family, YORHealth Independent Representative Pablo Salas understands the tenuous situation that many households are facing. During his childhood, Pablo’s parents were insistent that he pursue a first-rate education in order to avoid the stress and strife of living paycheck to paycheck.

Saving every last penny he had, Pablo’s father enrolled Pablo and his sister into a private school that would provide both children with a stronger education and more opportunities in the future. Pablo immediately felt out of place in his new surroundings. Classmates often made fun of him for his shoes, clothes and school supplies. Feeling hurt and confused, Pablo endured the childish teasing and taunting for an entire school year with little recourse.

With the difficult memories of this experience still fresh in his mind, Pablo decided that he would rise above his station as an adult and secure a better future for himself. In YORHealth, he met a highly knowledgeable group of individuals who had complete faith in his ability. Gone were the days that he felt unwanted and underappreciated.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

YORHealth Offers Comfort and Stability to Ane and Polo Urdiales

Every day, Ane and Polo Urdiales worked tirelessly to provide for their family while searching for a more productive lifestyle. By engaging with the YOR Health community, the young couple from Monterrey, Mexico saw enormous potential for a future together.

Q: What’s the story of Ane and Polo Urdiales?

YOR Health: Both Ane and Polo came from similar upbringings and were taught to have strong values. They were taught to work hard and study hard throughout their childhood. Ane and Polo studied at top universities and then embarked upon professional careers.

Q: What sparked the decision to become independent representatives for YORHealth?

YOR Health: Ane felt unfulfilled by his professional career and negligent of his family. She spent six years as the director of a marketing agency without experiencing the benefits one might expect of such a prestigious position. Even worse, she sacrificed family time with Polo and their little boy. In order to beat her depression, Ane searched for an alternative solution to her daily routine.


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