Thursday, April 17, 2014

YORHealth Takes Pablo Salas to Places He’s Never Been

Coming from a middle-class family, YORHealth Independent Representative Pablo Salas understands the tenuous situation that many households are facing. During his childhood, Pablo’s parents were insistent that he pursue a first-rate education in order to avoid the stress and strife of living paycheck to paycheck.

Saving every last penny he had, Pablo’s father enrolled Pablo and his sister into a private school that would provide both children with a stronger education and more opportunities in the future. Pablo immediately felt out of place in his new surroundings. Classmates often made fun of him for his shoes, clothes and school supplies. Feeling hurt and confused, Pablo endured the childish teasing and taunting for an entire school year with little recourse.

With the difficult memories of this experience still fresh in his mind, Pablo decided that he would rise above his station as an adult and secure a better future for himself. In YORHealth, he met a highly knowledgeable group of individuals who had complete faith in his ability. Gone were the days that he felt unwanted and underappreciated.

After extensive discussions with the YORHealth founders, Pablo had acquired a number of trusted friends and advisers who understands the necessary elements of a happy, healthy lifestyle. Pablo has paid off all of his debts and devotes his time to more productive causes that express his interests and values.

Freed from his dull existence, Pablo now has the opportunity to spend valuable time with his loved ones while sharing these products with potential consumers. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling throughout the world and learning about different cultures. A special destination for Pablo was the Great Wall of China, which brought him a sense of peace and comfort. It’s this same feeling of strength that allows him to address YORHealth customers with confidence.


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