Tuesday, October 1, 2013

YOR Health Products Team Discusses YOR Fiber

YOR Health Products
YOR Health products provide a wide variety of health and wellness benefits to consumers. From weight loss to increased energy to simply feeling better each day, YOR Health products are helping thousands of people achieve amazing results. Here, the YOR Health products team talks about YOR Fiber Plus.

Q: What is fiber and why is important for better health?

YOR Health Products Team: Fiber is an amazing carbohydrate that, while it isn’t absorbed by the body, has a tremendous impact on digestion and elimination. As insoluble fiber passes through the body, it brushes or cleans out the colon and encourages other food to pass more quickly. Additionally, soluble fiber helps regulate blood sugar levels in the body. Today, most people are not getting enough fiber to maximize its benefits. Fiber can help lower some cancer risks, improve cholesterol levels, and help people feel fuller so they eat less.

Q: Describe YOR Fiber Plus.

YOR Health Products Team: Fiber Plus fills the gap in the amount of fiber consumed from food and the amount the body really needs for health benefits. Fiber Plus comes in powder form and is easily mixed with water, juice or YOR Shake shakes. Fiber Plus includes Omega-3 ALA, which encourages heart health, boosts the immune system, and improves the look and feel of skin. The powerful antioxidant HMRLignan and the YOR Nutrition Delivery System are also included for added health benefit. Fiber Plus uses only plant-derived fibers to ensure a gentle, yet effective, result.

Q: Where can consumers purchase YOR Fiber Plus?

YOR Health Products Team: Fiber Plus can be purchased online and through independent representatives around the world.

About YOR Health Products

YOR Health products are developed based on scientific research and have been proven to improve the nutritional balance in consumers. To learn more, visit YORHealth.com.


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