Thursday, May 1, 2014

YOR Health Products: High-Potency Probiotics

YOR Health Products
YOR Health products are tried, true, tested, and backed by years of scientific research. YOR Probiotics Ultra is revolutionizing the future of supplemental probiotics by introducing Howaru®, a clinically proven highly effective strain. This new formulation has been packaged in vegetable-based capsules called DRcaps TM.

40 billion strong

In an extensive double-blind study, YOR Health products featuring Howaru were found to improve many common digestive issues and promote regularity. Howaru ® B. lactis HN019 works alongside of nine additional probiotic strains to provide over 40 billion healthy bacteria with each dose.

A YOR Health products innovation

YOR Health recently introduced a first among YOR Health products: DRcaps™. DRcaps are organic-based capsules coated in an anti-acid resistant coating. This, combined with the capsule’s vegetarian-based moisture shield, ensures that more viable bacteria are delivered to the colon, where they do the most good. More healthy bacteria means a better defense against bad bacteria.

By design

YOR Health products are designed with the end user in mind. This means they are highly absorbable and offer a better value per dollar than other brands on the market. YOR Probiotics continue this trend and are specifically engineered to support the absorption of nutrients, regulate and overpopulation of unfriendly microorganisms, and promote healthy bowel function. Additionally, YOR probiotics act to support a healthy immune function.


To understand just how important probiotics are to the body, it’s important to know how a healthy balance of bacteria affects the body. YOR Probiotics Ultra provides enough active healthy microorganisms to help reduce abdominal discomfort, make bowel movements more comfortable, reduce flatulence, improve regularity, and reduce colonic transit time. With so many people across the globe experiencing everyday symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, it is increasingly important for adults to take a further look at the health and wellness benefits of products like YOR Probiotics Ultra, says the YOR Health products team.


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