About YOR Health Products

YOR Health Products
YOR Health products not only help consumers lose weight and stay in shape, but also allow them to do so without sacrificing great taste. While many members choose to purchase a convenience set to get them started, YOR Health products are also for sale individually. These products help members find their ideal daily balance of vitamins and nutrients without purchasing items they don’t need.

YOR Health products are formulated using YOR Health science, boosting the body’s absorption of nutrients. One of the company’s most popular products, SuperGreens, gives members 24 servings of fruits and vegetables at once. Each serving contains powerful antioxidants, which have been proven to promote a healthy immune system and cardiovascular system.

YOR Health products also include probiotics, which are specially formulated to improve a person’s immune system. The special formulation created by the YOR Health products team is not consumed by the stomach lining, delivering the product’s full benefits to the consumer. The company’s probiotics aid digestion and improve the immune system.

But perhaps the most popular of the company’s products are the meal replacement shakes. Available in chocolate or vanilla, these shakes deliver protein along with vitamins and minerals. The shakes also contain the patented enzymes from YOR Health products that ensure the body gets maximum absorption of the nutrients. Not only are YOR Health products low in calories, but they also reduce a person’s hunger to avoid snacking between meals.

In addition to providing YOR Health products for purchase on its site, the company also provides real testimonials from members who use the product. These testimonials often include before and after pictures to further illustrate each product’s benefits. This is just another way the YOR Health products community supports each other. For more information about YOR Health products, visit yorhealth.com.


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