Sunday, April 27, 2014

YORHealth Charts Life Course of Robert Hendricks

Each passing year has delivered more blessings into the life of Robert Hendricks. Most of Robert’s positive outlook can be directly attributed to his involvement with YORHealth. Without solid mentorship, Robert says he would not have evolved from a frustrated, impatient and confused boy into a responsible and successful young man. Today, he stands among the leaders at YORHealth as a powerful example of taking control of one’s life and achieving tremendous results.

Robert looks forward to leaving a legacy as part of his commitment to YORHealth. By developing a keen sense of self-awareness, he has positioned himself as a leader in his family and community. YORHealth has offered him the opportunity to develop lasting friendships while seeking greater achievement and happiness in all areas of life.

YORHealth, says Robert, has offered a viable alternative to the corporate lifestyle that he seemed destined to lead. According to Robert, his parents were two caring, generous and passionate individuals who devoted themselves to careers that were unfulfilling both personally and professionally. As a result, the couple missed many of the most important events in their children’s lives and sacrificed their friendships in order to maintain steady employment.

After witnessing all of this heartache and trauma, Robert swore to himself that his adulthood would be much different. He remains grateful for his parents and their unerring love and devotion. In his interactions with the YORHealth community, Robert shares the same attitude of peace and understanding.

According to Robert, YORHealth brings together a diverse array of people from all around the world that share the same philosophy. Freed from the financial turmoil of his past, Robert now immerses himself into hobbies and recreational activities that promote health and wellness. As part of a well-balanced diet, he also continues to enjoy the company’s product on a daily basis.


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