Sunday, March 30, 2014

YORHealth Offers Comfort and Stability to Ane and Polo Urdiales

Every day, Ane and Polo Urdiales worked tirelessly to provide for their family while searching for a more productive lifestyle. By engaging with the YOR Health community, the young couple from Monterrey, Mexico saw enormous potential for a future together.

Q: What’s the story of Ane and Polo Urdiales?

YOR Health: Both Ane and Polo came from similar upbringings and were taught to have strong values. They were taught to work hard and study hard throughout their childhood. Ane and Polo studied at top universities and then embarked upon professional careers.

Q: What sparked the decision to become independent representatives for YORHealth?

YOR Health: Ane felt unfulfilled by his professional career and negligent of his family. She spent six years as the director of a marketing agency without experiencing the benefits one might expect of such a prestigious position. Even worse, she sacrificed family time with Polo and their little boy. In order to beat her depression, Ane searched for an alternative solution to her daily routine.

Q: How did YORHealth prove to be this solution?

YOR Health: One day, a friend approached Polo with information about YOR Health. The friend was leaving his job to pursue a career as an Independent Representative. As a sociable and friendly individual, Polo was interested in spreading his wings and so he decided to enter into a new chapter of his life. After being embraced by the YORHealth community, he finally found the strength to take flight.

Q: What fun and exciting adventures are on the horizon for these two role models?

YOR Health: Ane and Polo are the parents of two children, Rebecca and Polito. The family enjoys traveling together to beautiful locations around the world. They are thankful they have been able to focus on the fundamentals of their marriage while making a positive impact on the lives of others through YORHealth.


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