Tuesday, December 30, 2014

YOR Health Introduces YOR Office for Android

YOR Health
Where do YOR Health Promoters turn when it’s time for serious productivity on an Android device? They turn to their new favorite app - YOR Office. That’s right! YOR Office boasts powerful features to help propel YOR Health Promoters on a pathway to success.

Android users worldwide can now experience productivity on–the-go in the palm of their hand. With options ranging from quick visibility of statistics, progress and achievements, commission earnings, quick view of team member performance, event and schedule notifications before they happen, and guidance on what to do next, this new user-friendly YOR Office App is your business concierge, handling all YOR Health opportunities anywhere, any time. Other special features include access to dashboard, profiles, enrollment, reports, YOR Health news, YOR Health in-store items, AutoShip and order tracking.

YOR Health offers opportunities to improve the lives of others by introducing them to amazing products. YOR Health Promoters can now build and manage their own successful business helping others achieve their weight loss and nutrition goals by using an Android device.

The YOR Office App is now available in the App Store.


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