Thursday, October 3, 2013

YOR Health Products Integrate Easily Into Any Lifestyle

YOR Health Products
YOR Health products for weight loss and nutrition enhancement were created to help people live happy, fulfilling lives through improved diet, nutrition and digestion. While many products on the market today make claim to these same results, YOR Health products have been proven to get results for consumers like no other weight loss and nutrition systems available. YOR Health products are easy to use and fit well into even the busiest lifestyles, and the results are tremendous. Getting started with YOR Health products is easy—here’s a simple how-to guide to get anyone started on the road to better health today.

To begin using YOR Health products, a two-phase process is recommended. The first phase increases the body’s natural energy, ignites digestion, and loads the body with essential nutrients. The second phase is the long-term, daily maintenance program that varies and is customized for each individual. Each phase includes many of the same YOR Health products.

The following schedule provides a typical plan for using YOR Health products on a daily basis. While the plan will be slightly modified for each person, depending on his or her caloric needs and goals, the basic path is very similar. Consult packaging and directions for exact measurements and dosage for all YOR Health products before beginning a YOR Health products nutrition regimen.

Upon waking or at bedtime:

• Take 1 YOR Probiotics ULTRA capsule

• Take 1 YOR Repair capsule


• Drink 1 YOR Shake

• Mix YOR Shake with YOR Health products YOR FiberPlus and YOR SuperGreens for a power-packed breakfast

Lunch and Dinner:

• Drink 1 YOR Shake for one of these meals

• Take 1 YOR Digest ULTRA capsule

• Take 2 YOR Essential Vitamins

• Drink an 8-ounce glass of water

To add energy boosts at any time throughout the day, choose from YOR Health products like YOR Berry Blast or YOR CompleteBurn. Both of these YOR Health products can be used to boost and sustain energy, but should not be taken simultaneously or close to bedtime. Be sure to drink eight to 10 glasses of water throughout the day for proper hydration and nutrient absorption.

Each person has unique weight loss and wellness goals; therefore, each YOR Health products regimen can be customized and tweaked to meet those needs. Consumers are encouraged to consult with the experts at YOR Health to develop the most effective plan and to consult a physician before starting any weight loss regimen.

It really is that simple to use YOR Health products! While all YOR Health products are designed to taste great and get results, there are many ways to keep this nutrition plan exciting. Consider adding fresh fruit to YOR Health products meal replacement shakes or adding YOR SuperGreens to a glass of juice. Be creative and have fun incorporating all of the premium-quality YOR Health products into a healthy, active lifestyle.

About YOR Health and YOR Health Products

YOR Health is revolutionizing how the world approaches diet and nutrition through YOR Health products and a growing community of people across the globe devoted to living healthy, happy lives. To learn more about YOR Health products, visit


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