Thursday, January 30, 2014

YOR Health Preaches Power of Enzymes in Their Nutrient-Rich Products

Q: Which misconceptions have the YOR Health founders discovered within their research studies?

YOR Health:
For years people have been encouraged to exercise on a regular basis while eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. However, maintaining excellent health requires more than the adoption of these standard practices of living.

Q: In your opinion, what are the most significant changes in the study of nutrition in recent years?

YOR Health: With remarkable advances in genetics, biochemistry and molecular science, research studies have become more concerned with how nutrients are processed in the human body. Enzymes control the functions of digestion and metabolism in the body, allowing people to engage in all their favorite activities.

Q: Is enzyme research a common aspect of scientific and medical studies?

YOR Health: Although enzymes aren’t necessarily a revolutionary aspect of the health industry, recent evidence has shown that enzymes play a more significant role in the human body than researchers previously believed. With the emergence of each new study, researchers have grown ever closer to comprehending how the human body works.

Q: How are these enzymes affecting the human body?

YOR Health: Our founders embrace these incredible breakthroughs and have enhanced these products so that they help customers achieve maximum wellbeing and health in their quest for personal happiness.

Q: How do enzymes work in the human body?

YOR Health: In order for the human body to leverage hormones, minerals, vitamins and nutrients to their maximum effect, enzymes must transport them to the appropriate locations. The body is best understood as a roadway system. Enzymes run along these lanes transporting nutrients through the body’s cells. Chemical reactions are made much faster due to enzymes. In the end, enzymes are wholly responsible for eliminating, constructing, delivering and carrying the various chemicals and ingredients that the body consumes on a daily basis. 


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