Friday, January 31, 2014

YOR Health Announces Latest Revolution in Product Line, YOR Mini Box

Q: When was the YOR Mini Box available for sale on the website?  

YOR Health: Certain community members of our company were presented the rare opportunity to try the YOR Mini Box during our fun-filled YOR Health Annual Conference, held this past year in California. Now, for the first time, it can be purchased online at  

Q: What are the contents of the YOR Mini Box?  

YOR Health: It includes a wide array of products designed to meet customers’ nutritional needs. First of all, each YOR Mini Box issued is 5 “product volume,” which makes purchasers eligible for future products at no cost. Each YOR Mini Box offers one packet of the YOR Shake in two different flavors: vanilla and chocolate. One stick pack of the popular YOR Supergreens is also included. Finally, a pair of YOR Berry Blast stick packs round out this incredible program.
Q: What is the overall price of the YOR Mini Box and all its contents?  

YOR Health: An affordable package, the YOR Mini Box is a mere $15. Customers will also receive the stylish “Be a Champion” wristbands in a variety of sizes. The price is much lower than a three-course meal in a fancy restaurant.

Q: How will customers be able to share their success stories after purchasing the YOR Mini Box?  
YOR Health: Once the YOR Mini Box is delivered to their doors, customers have the opportunity to be fun and creative. Sharing photos alongside the YOR Mini Box is one way to accomplish this. The cream of the crop will receive a prominent spot on our Facebook page and Twitter profile, with a chance at landing a coveted placement in the YOR Success Magazine. Customers can upload photos at the specially designed page on our website,


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